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Have you ever felt like your organization is gathering significant amounts of data, but not getting the most use out of it?
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The most impactful findings often come from areas that are considered “settled”.

That’s why we’ve adopted a philosophy around the idea of always testing the assumptions. The ever-changing market, technology, and economy consistently changes the nature of operational or strategic issues – and at such a quick pace that many of our clients take months or years to realize that the situation has changed.

As a response we developed deepdive.

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Our deepdive practice is the fullest manifestation of our start-up mindset where we continually test assumptions for our work. Whereas when we help clients choose how to produce a series of films for our spotlight program, or help clients form a 6-month go-to-market strategy for their startup, we restrict our analysis to the context of those specific programs.

With deepdive, we much more freely and deeply navigate the operational issues of our clients to uncover opportunities to explore, test and build.

Our Process

This process consists of three main stages:

  1. We work with clients and their stakeholders to discover and frame operational and strategic problems.
  2. Using that framing, we then conduct an audit of the existing data in the organization as well as survey their relevant industry to identify any other external data sources to pull from.
  3. With these internal and external data sources, we can then apply any number of data analysis techniques to derive insights for the problem at hand. Every situation is different, so depending on the exact questions asked, our analyses can range anywhere from building Excel spreadsheets to more advanced scripts written in R.

Throughout the project, we share our findings through easy-to-understand visualizations that are designed to drive strategic discussions. Because of our deep experience in software development, motion graphics, and film, we’re able to deliver those visualizations in whatever platform our clients prefer.

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Auditing Data Sources

We begin working with all our clients with a consultation call. This call allows us to discover how we can help find ways for your business to improve, both by auditing your existing data sources and uncovering outside sources of data.
After the call we conduct a brief analysis, and we deliver our findings through a one-pager of key insights.
This initial process usually takes about 10 hours of work on our end. But we are so confident that you’ll find the value of these insights, that we back the entire process through a full money-back guarantee. If you don’t find our insights valuable, tell us and we’ll refund the entire payment, no questions asked.