We’re helping a 80 year old company, growing in multiple cities, to better share the success throughout their organization.


By filming progress films of Smoot’s Restoration of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington D.C. These videos are helping Smoot Executives in different parts of the country to always have a pulse on the details of the construction progress. At the same time documenting valuable key operational strengths that Smoot brings to the table.

The Intranet

In addition of filming their projects, we are now helping them build a custom Ruby on Rails Intranet that allows them to digitize tens of thousands of documents into searchable text, organize all tasks and projects according to departments and projects, and have an integrated messaging system that ties updates and communiques within the Intranet to real time text messaging notification for relevant Smoot members involved.

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Departments & Projects

We built an easy to navigate Intranet for Smoot that allow their team to organize internal documents around business departments and on-going construction projects. Central to this organization is a messaging capability within each department and project that allows for assigned team members to communicate amongst one another and use e-mail less.

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Keeping the company up to date

Whereas with departments and projects team members can communicate amongst one another, we also built a company wide announcement portal that helps reduce the need for e-mailed newsletters and reply-all messages. Additionally the general announcements helps Smoot employees keep up to date with the latest firm wide wins and accomplishments.

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All employees in one place

Smoot Construction manages projects in multiple US cities at any given time, and they have three main offices in three different cities. With a workforce and project base located in so many different areas, Smoot wanted to make sure that all team members felt as though they were on one team. And so having a personalized employee directory allows all team members to easily reach out and get to know one another.

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Find any company document you need

With it's long storied history of commercial and residential construction, Smoot has a large library of lessons learned and best practices. The library spans several decades, and so we built a document reader that allows for PDF's to be uploaded and automatically scanned for OCR recognition. That then allows for dynamic searching of every document, allowing Smoot to more effectively communicate time tested tried-and-true best practices throughout the organization.

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People Involved

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Technology Involved

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