We have been working with SwingSpace since its inception in 2015.

With the goal of creating a real estate marketplace for tenants to find and lease small office space.



Richard McBride and Zak Kidd founded SwingSpace in 2015. Zak is the technical co-founder and COO, and also the founder of dupontstudios. The team at dupontstudios leads the branding, design, and development of SwingSpace.

Often clients who are looking for examples of dupontstudios’ software development work, look at SwingSpace as one of our crowning achievements.

SwingSpace is a commercial office marketplace that operates in five American cities. The dupontstudios team has designed and built SwingSpace as a Ruby on Rails application.

Map swingspace locations
Original Site Second Version Current Version Branding

Marketplace for subleases

When Richard and Zak originally launched SwingSpace, they focused the platform on becoming a marketplace for subleases. The core idea was that there is a lot of “shadow space” or unused space that prime tenants would like to sublease, but it’s too difficult to advertise and collect payment. So SwingSpace’s first strategic step was to create an easy way for prime tenants to list extra space, and potential tenants to find and lease the space.

Image swingspace first version

Co-Working Comparison

As coworking grew in popularity, the SwingSpace team pivoted towards becoming a search and comparison platform for coworking options. The idea was to help end users navigate through the myriad coworking options in any given city.

With the development of the new site, SwingSpace expanded from Washington DC, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago and Boston. Additionally with the currated approach to showing different coworking offers the incorporate dupontstudios’ produced films, SwingSpace was able to attract leading coworking companies such as WeWork, MakeOffices and more.

Image swingspace second version@2x

Transaction Engine

SwingSpace recently launched it’s patent pending transaction engine, building off of the success of it’s coworking comparison platform. The transaction engine allows for interested tenants and landlords to negotiate complex forms and agreements directly on-line. By allowing multi-party negotiation on one platform, inside of countless emails back and forth, SwingSpace is allowing landlords to lease spaces faster.

To build the transaction engine for SwingSpace, the dupontstudios team went through extensive user testing to understand the most intuitive way to allow for multi document and multi party editing. After determining design standards, the dupontstudios team went to rebuild the back end functionality that called for integrating with outside services such as HelloSign and Stripe.

Image swingspace current version@2x


In addition to move from our original site that focused on being a marketplace for subleases to building out our coworking comparison features, we looked to re-envison the SwingSpace brand. You’ll see here that our original identity tried to incorporate an actual swing in the “W” of SwingSpace. While this was clever, it did not serve us well. We did not have a strong abbreviated logo, because we would use the “W” which of course is not the letter that SwingSpace begins with. Also, the branding relied on a secondary color, which prevented a monochromatic treatment.

Going back to the drawing board, we jettisoned the requirement of creating a swing in the logo and focused on type set. You’ll see here the new SwingSpace brand that works across mediums and with or without color.

Image swingspace branding@2x

Search Algorithm

The dupontstudios team was faced with a significant challenge to write the appropriate code for the search algorithm to help users find the best office listings.

People Involved

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Technology Involved

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